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JB Monogram Curb Chain Silver-Plated Necklace Letter F
JB Monogram Curb Chain Silver-Plated Necklace Letter F
JB Monogram Curb Chain Silver-Plated Necklace Letter F
JB Monogram Curb Chain Silver-Plated Necklace Letter F
These letters are distinguished by their uniqueness and individuality. They have a sculptural curve and a smooth shape, and the cross section of each letter is heart-shaped. You will receive each letter with a delicate curb chain, the length of which can be 17" or 18.5", depending on your preference. The item is finished with high-polish silver.
BrandJenny Bird
This is a special jewelry alloy that usually uses copper and zinc in varying proportions. Brass, unlike silver, is not considered a precious metal. However, it is much stronger than silver, because jewelry made from it is more wear-resistant.
PlatingSterling Silver
925 sterling silver is an alloy of pure silver with minimal inclusion of other metals that make silver more durable and resistant.
Plating typeSilver Plated
A layer of silver is applied to the base metal. Such products are more resistant to mechanical damage than pure silver. However, over time (from several years) the coating is erased, but you can always replate it
Product packagingPouch and jewellery box
Weight1.9 g
Length431.8 mm
SKUJB1000S-F mm

About Jenny Bird

The jewellery of this brand is consistently popular among celebrities, stylists and fashion lovers. Jenny Bird is Canada's leading jewelry designer, who has earned the nickname 'The Queen of The Hoop'. Her jewellery combines creativity, boldness, and modernity that has won the hearts of many influential people worldwide. They are stunning and at the same time, comfortable to wear. In addition, they are characterized by durability. Jenny is a self-taught designer who is passionate about growing her business and displays her affection for her work in her unique products - necklaces, earrings and bracelets. In 2017, she was named Canada's Accessory Designer of the Year.

For Jenny Bird, it is very important that the products are sourced and manufactured in a responsible way. The company's professionals are strict about being socially conscious in all aspects of business, and demand this from all of their business partners.

Why we love Jenny Bird: for elegant, basic jewellery that is indispensable in every jewelry box.

JB Monogram Curb Chain Silver-Plated Necklace Letter F

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