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Emerald Price in 2024: Factors Affecting Cost

This marks an increase of 10-20% compared to 2023, depending on the origin of the stone.
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8 Facts to Know Before Buying Lab Diamonds

Fact №7. The resale value of a laboratory diamond is zero.
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How and Why Lucky Symbol Jewelry Works

Understanding the Mechanism of Luck-Bringing Jewelry
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How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Renowned for its radiant elegance, sterling silver jewelry is a timeless adornment choice. However, its lustrous allure is vulnerable to tarnish, diminishing its sheen over time.
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Diamond Market Statistics 2024

The global polished diamond market is projected to reach $100 billion in 2023.
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Production of rough diamonds cuts in 2023, major mining companies reported

This downturn has subsequently resulted in a striking 44% plunge in diamond sales.
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Colours and Jewellery

Unveiling Elegance: A Jewelry Odyssey Through Every Hue and Style
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South Seas Pearls - the Most Expensive Cultivated Pearls

A single pearl of top quality costs from $2,000 to several tens of thousands of dollars.
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16 most popular questions about pearls

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Full History Of Pearls

According to ancient Chinese beliefs, it was claimed that pearls fell from the sky when dragons fought among the clouds during a thunderstorm, and raindrops formed.
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7 main rules for pearl care

The New York Times once wrote about a woman of a rare profession - pearl stringer Renata Terjeki.
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Is It Possible to Find Pearls In An Oyster?

We decided to ask the oyster sommelier about the probability of accidentally finding pearls in an oyster ordered at a restaurant.
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Gifts for Her

Gift-giving has a long, interesting history that goes all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians, one of the first few civilizations to practice this tradition.
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Gifts for Sisters and Sister’s Day 2023

Sisters are absolutely precious, most wonderful human beings who are always there for you, care for you, and are sometimes even like your second mother, guiding you through life and giving you pearls of wisdom.
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Tips to Keep Your Jewelry Collection Radiant

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9 Questions for Crystal Haze Founders on How to Start a Successful Jewellery Brand

We were lunch buddies working in a fashion department store in the city center of Oslo ...
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Which piece of jewellery do you always wear, even when working from home? - Quiet Curve earrings and Filled Band ring.
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WORKING FROM HOME GUIDE from Ophelia Alicksj (Founder and Designer of Crystal Haze)

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5 Questions to Alice Blofeld (Shyla’s Founder and Designer) About Her Brand’s Phylosophie

The core values of our company are simple; to be ethical and moral in all approaches as well as being as green as possible.
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A Swede’s Guide to NYC by Annika Inez

One of our favorite designers Annika Inez (the same designer of the famous silver heart earrings), Swedish by birth, spoke about her beloved New York.
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Hermina Athens City Guide

Konstantina Pantelous, Designer and Founder of the Hermina Athens brand, talked about where to dine, where to walk and when to hit her beloved Athens.
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12 Tips for Choosing Eternity Rings

The first question you will face when choosing an eternity ring: open diamond line or closed (full)?
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8 Tips for Choosing Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelet is one of the most easily sold used pieces of jewelry.
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Jewelry Materials Full Guide

The description of materials in jewelry often raises a lot of questions from our customers.
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Sustainable and Ethical Jewelry or Greenwashing

... or why we do not write “Sustainable - recycled silver” and what we see as our sustainability policy.
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Sustainable Jewelry Brands

This page contains constantly updated up-to-date information on how the brands represented with us are implementing their sustainability policies.
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TOP 9 Jewellery Trends 2024

Trends in jewellery are only, at first glance a kind of Kantian thing-in-itself. In fact, if you take a closer look ...
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