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Ammos Universe Gold-Plated Thin Cuff
Ammos Universe Gold-Plated Thin Cuff
Ammos Universe Gold-Plated Thin Cuff
Ammos Universe Gold-Plated Thin Cuff
Ammos Universe Gold-Plated Thin Cuff
Ammos Universe Gold-Plated Thin Cuff
Ammos Universe Gold-Plated Thin Cuff
Ammos Universe Gold-Plated Thin Cuff
Ammos Universe Gold-Plated Thin Cuff
Ammos Universe Gold-Plated Thin Cuff
Ammos Universe Gold-Plated Thin Cuff
Ammos Universe Gold-Plated Thin Cuff

This mystical cuff with 3 different charms (The Moon, the Evil Eye and the Leo) is inspired by the Egyptian sand and treasures of the Pyramids.that could form their own secret Universe of Power, strength and positive energy. The Size is adjustable.

BrandHermina Athens
MaterialSterling Silver
It is a durable metal for the base of jewelry, which perfectly holds its shape indefinitely. In addition, it is a precious metal that can be easily melted down into other products. Silver is hypoallergenic, does not change its color and does not stain the skin.
Plating thickness1-2 microns
A coating of this thickness, with proper care for jewelry, will not show signs of wear for up to 2 years. For earrings, this period will be longer, for rings - less. Then the product can be coated again and it will be like new.
Plating typeGold Plated
A layer of gold is applied over the base metal. Over time (depending on the thickness of the coating), this layer will gently rub off. However, the decoration can always be recoated.
Symbols and Influencewith Eye Symbol, with Lion, with Night Sky Symbols, with Strength Symbols, with Symbols of Protection
The symbol of the eye has an incredible number of interpretations. Starting from protection from the evil eye and to Divine Providence. What interpretation is strong in your subconscious, so the symbol of the eye in the jewelry will work for you. The higher you raise the readable eye symbol towards your face, the stronger it will protect against the evil eye.
Leo is the carrier of the energy of the Sun. This is an active principle that personifies strength, power and realization. If you do not have enough confidence or strength to translate your own ideas into society, lion symbols will help you. The Leo zodiac sign is ruled by the Sun, so these symbols often go together and their characteristics are similar. You definitely shouldn’t choose Leo if the person has excessive cruelty with subordinates, a thirst for power at any cost, and other unhealthy signs.
The images of the night sky (as well as separately the Moon and stars) point to something hidden, invisible, secret. Also, in the human unconscious, the night starry sky has been associated for thousands of years with the search for answers to the main cosmogonic questions: who is the creator, did he leave us, and so on. Modern jewelry with the Moon and stars, first of all, simply reminds its owner that there is something more in the world than his daily routine and an overabundance of meaningless information. Jewelry with such symbols does not have any universal influence. Therefore it will bring you exactly those feelings and impressions you have associated with the Moon and stars. If you feel a special connection with the Moon and/or the starry sky, such jewelry will be a talisman for you.
From ancient times, our ancestors put on jewelry not for an aesthetic purpose, but to either protect or add strength/good luck/fertility. Therefore, even if you do not fully believe in the action of such talismans, they will likely work for you. Why? Because they are part of a vast field of the collective unconscious, and this connection for you is much deeper and more influential than your intellect may seem. In addition to the recognized symbols of protection (eye, pentagram in a circle, ankh, etc.), your personal talisman can be an object that connects you with your family or attributes of a divine entity with which you feel connected.
Product packagingPouch

About Hermina Athens

Fashion Designer Konstantina Pantelous developed a love for jewellery when she was young. She worked as a Translator for several years, but in 2012 she launched her own brand, which she named after her daughter Hermina. Hermina is the female version of Ares, the Ancient Greek God of War, and Pantelous uses handmade and traditional silver techniques to create exclusive jewellery that exudes power and success.
Hermina is a selection of timeless pieces influenced by a rich heritage rooted in Greek mythology and art.
All jewellery is handmade by Greek craftsmen. Now the brand is collaborating with several jewellers whose workshops are located right next to the Hermina studio in Athens.

We love Hermina Athens for the courage to ignore fashion trends, authenticity and bold talisman jewellery.

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Ammos Universe Gold-Plated Thin Cuff

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