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Double Petite Comete White Gold Emerald And Diamond Ring
Double Petite Comete White Gold Emerald And Diamond Ring
Double Petite Comete White Gold Emerald And Diamond Ring
Double Petite Comete White Gold Emerald And Diamond Ring
For her Path of Life collection, Natalie Schayes has created a stunning solitaire ring made of 18 carat recycled gold in white, yellow, or pink. The ring features an ethical Emerald or Pink Tourmaline stone and white Diamonds. The design is elegant and wavy, offering a precious and unique beauty. Petite Comète offers the option to create matching sets of wedding rings. The Petite Comète ring is set with a Stone and Diamond, while the Petite Comète Diamond ring features a contemporary twist on the solitaire ring design, allowing the stone to be worn on both sides of the finger for a different look. Crafted in 18 carat yellow, white, or pink gold, these rings are set with an octagon-shaped Emerald stone (1.16ct) or a pear-shaped Tourmaline stone (0.51ct) and small white Diamonds (0.175ct) that are ethically sourced.
MaterialGold, Gold 18k, White gold
Gemstonesdiamond, emerald, natural diamonds
Symbols and Influencewith Mercurial Energy
Green stones (ideally large untreated emeralds, but moldavites, tourmalines and other green transparent minerals are also suitable) enhance the energy of Mercury. Malachite and other opaque minerals have some of the energy of Mercury combined with other planetary energies. Mercury governs the Signs Gemini and Virgo, so if any of them are important and manifest in your life, take a closer look at your relationship with Mercury. It is the energy of Mercury that is responsible for our ability to easily attract money, ideas, social connections and true friendship. Mercury also provides you with the ability to think quickly and easily analytically. Choose this jewelry if you need to enhance any of these areas of your life. The strongest and most direct influence on its owner is jewelry with large natural unrefined stones that directly touch the body.
SKU149/7809190822119/18k white gold-emerald mm

About Nayestones

Nayestones, founded by Natalie Schayes, is the epitome of timeless elegance. The name combines Natalie's first and last name with "stones," reflecting their central role in her designs. As a contemporary jewelry designer, Natalie shapes the brand's vision and image.

Natalie's understanding of the human form drives her to create balanced pieces that resonate with women's aspirations. She strives to create jewelry that is both timeless and unexpected, blending clean lines with precious stones to evoke the soul.

Nayestones reinterprets classics like pearls, making them edgy yet romantic by suspending them on golden threads. The brand's minimalist aesthetic employs fluid lines, curves, and circles, using 9- and 18-karat gold, gemstones, and diamonds.

Stones are strategically placed to create the illusion of levitation, and Natalie favors pear-shaped and octagonal stones, redefining jewelry with asymmetry. All creations are handcrafted by a team of artisans in Antwerp.

Sustainability: Nayestones is committed to sustainability. Its Antwerp workshop adheres to strict standards that emphasize ethics, safety, transparency, and sustainability, contributing to a more responsible world.

We love Nayestones for its unique combination of minimalist flowing lines and the luxury of natural colored stones.

Double Petite Comete White Gold Emerald And Diamond Ring

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