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What is Delagem about?

Our mission is to bring beauty to people. We help our customers and designers (beginners and non-beginners) find each other.

What is Delagem about?

About style. We are in no way trying to compete with department stores that have everything for everyone. Delagem will have a strictly curated selection with the main criterion – our founder with perfect taste would wear them herself with pleasure.

About symbols, energies of stones and images, and the influence of jewelry. Since the founders of Delagem have been fond of Vedic astrology, constellations, past life regressions, Tarot cards, and other tools for understanding the world and themselves for more than 10 years. Therefore, it is natural that it is with great pleasure that we show you jewelry that carries energies and influences that are more significant than the mass-market jewelry made from incomprehensible alloys, produced by millions in Asian factories.

About quality and sustainability. We won’t promise you that we will have absolutely sustainable jewelry because the most sustainable zero-footprint jewelry is the one that has never been produced or sold. (Well, or a cone picked up in the forest). But we will definitely look together for a balance between the product’s durability, our desires to have more different things, and the interests of the Earth and people living in its different places.

Soon, we will definitely add the service of selecting stones and creating individual astrological stones in the system of Vedic astrology Jyotish.

Here we are!

Inesa. Co-founder, CMO at Delagem, Ph.D. in Economics, artist, studies Indian astrology, constellations, and Tarot

Andrew. Co-founder, CTO at Delagem, Entrepreneur, plays piano and all guitars, gestalt psychotherapist.

We have been together for almost 20 years, and we like to do business together. Even when Delagem will be the main jewelry marketplace in the Universe and links to Forbes publications will appear on this page, it will remain a family company.

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