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The Cocoont Pearl Pendant
The Cocoont Pearl Pendant
The Cocoont Pearl Pendant
The Cocoont Pearl Pendant
The Cocoont Pearl Pendant
The Cocoont Pearl Pendant
Embrace the enchanting allure of coconuts and tropical vibes with our Coconut Pearl Pendant, a perfect complement to your everyday necklace collection. Wear the Pearl Pendant close to your heart, as it not only adds a touch of elegance but also symbolizes protection and attracts good luck and wealth. All Les Mères necklaces feature a solid silver base with a luxurious 18k gold-vermeil finish, exuding a timeless radiance. Please keep in mind that the uniqueness of each Les Mères piece ensures that variations in shape, form, and weight may occur, adding to the distinctive character and charm of our creations.
BrandLes Meres
MaterialSterling Silver
It is a durable metal for the base of jewelry, which perfectly holds its shape indefinitely. In addition, it is a precious metal that can be easily melted down into other products. Silver is hypoallergenic, does not change its color and does not stain the skin.
Plating typeGold Vermeil
Sterling silver plated with gold is much denser than conventional gold-plating. It will last for several years and then can be covered with gold again.
Symbols and Influencewith Lunar Energy
Silver, pearls, opals and symbols of the Moon are all manifestations of her energy. Strengthening the lunar energy will help you become softer, more relaxed, and improve your relationship with your mother and your own motherhood. The contact of the stone with the body greatly enhances its influence. In addition, it is the strong Moon in Vedic astrology that allows you to feel the hidden and gives intuition. The Moon embodies the ideal femininity, passive acceptance and fertility. You should not strengthen the lunar energies in yourself when the task is to get together and act energetically. And also when this energy is unhealthy in a person: there is strong emotional instability, borderline states, and tantrums.
Product packagingPouch and jewellery box
Height24 mm
Width20 mm

About Les Meres

Kim Harmsen's career in the fashion and marketing industry paved the way for her to become the driving force behind her own jewelry brand, Les Mères. A pivotal moment in her life came when she embraced motherhood with the birth of her first daughter, inspiring Kim's creative journey to infuse the transformative essence of motherhood into her jewelry designs. This journey culminated in the birth of Les Mères in 2020.
Derived from the French term for "The Mothers," Les Mères embodies the profound concept of motherhood in all its forms. At its core lie pearls, universal symbols of rebirth, serving as the foundational element for Les Mères' creations.

Les Meres specializes in crafting exquisite Pearl Jewelry Treasures, meticulously handmade in both the Netherlands and Bali. These beautiful pieces feature freshwater pearls sourced from a family-run 'pearl farm' in the picturesque town of Shanxiahu, China, ensuring utmost quality and sustainability.
Embracing the uniqueness of each pearl, Les Meres creates one-of-a-kind jewelry that holds a timeless allure, designed to be cherished for a lifetime. As a remarkable slow-fashion brand, their focus on top-quality craftsmanship means their creations are destined to be adored for years to come, unaffected by fleeting trends. Rest assured, these pearls will forever maintain their relevance and significance.

We love Les Meres for its own authentic style, which is very elegant at the same time. It's a special treat to know that your jewelry is one of a kind (and many of Kim's pieces are just that).

The Cocoont Pearl Pendant

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